Welcome to The Well-Being Institute


Our services are holistic and concentrate on helping people reach a place of feeling happier and healthier.  We provide many different forms of assistance including Talking Therapy / Counselling, Coaching, Energy Psychology, Mindfulness, Training.


We follow an Humanistic Approach to counselling.  This means, we meet you as the client, where you are at this moment and adapt our therapeutic approach to match they style that best suit you specifically.


We offer Counselling, Coaching and EFT Tapping Therapy Virtually via Zoom and currently have a few weekly slots available for new clients.  


We look forward to working with you!



We Provide Better Ways of Caring for Your Well-Being

Online Therapy

We provide online counselling internationally using platforms such as Skype, Whatsapp, Email.

Online EFT Tapping Courses

We offer a range of online EFT courses that you can enjoy at your own pace and in your own time. These courses range in specialisation and is great for learning energy self-help techniques from novice to professional


Meditation is the process of becoming quiet and turning focus within. To help you start meditating and experience the health benefits for yourself, we provide free Free Online Short Guided Meditations on our YouTube Channel.


In our weekly blog posts we provide a range of exciting and innovative ideas that will help you on your well-being journey. We include meditations, EFT Tapping Script Ideas and so much more.

What clients are saying

“A very clear-cut course on EFT.  The content covers the EFT details in entirety.  The learning is easy to implement too with miraculous results.”

P Kumar


“I needed help working through grief after losing my dad.  It was so nice to talk to someone else without worrying about hurting someone’s feelings or grieving in the wrong way.  I had a mixture of normal counselling and EFT counselling.  My therapist taught me how to do EFT and I was able to use EFT at home as well to help me cope.  After a few sessions, I felt better able to cope.”

Amelie S


” This course is a wonderful learning tool and ‘must have’ in a busy modern world.”

Shirley K

South Africa